Friday, 2 March 2012

Wave splashes - part 2

Continuing the topic of macro photography of waves, I'll show a number of other pictures. When I figured that this activity is very absorbing and the splashes are so different every time a wave comes, I started getting the unprotected lens closer and closer to water to get more details.

For those who missed it: visit my previous post here for more pics.

As anyone can guess, I started from distance trying to capture the most peculiar shapes. But those waves were impossible to approach without a waterproof case although they are tiny, especially for someone familiar with surfing

When I started getting closer, I really was testing my reaction and ability to dodge splashes. I suspect even a relatively small portion of saltwater would have ruined my Sony NEX-5. Fortunately, one thing was not difficult - catching the right moment, as every moment was beautiful. I only wish the autofocus was slightly swifter...

Eventually the proximity appeared to be not enough for me and that's where I started doing ridiculous experiments that almost cost the life for my camera.

Just to illustrate the amount of details on the picture above I'll post a crop from the middle

In my next post I'll get even closer to some of wave splashes!

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