Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Macro of waves and splashes again

   I still can't stop being amazed by all those splendid shapes of magnified waves. So tiny and so many details. Most of the pictures I post here are crops and really tight ones. I do it to make a better composition of the image. Plus, the resolution of the camera allows.

   If you look closely, the first picture is actually crop of the one above. Yet it still is like 30% of the frame.

That's basically how most of tiny waves would look like without much of turbulence. I also loved rocks on Mindoro, they shine with all colours, hard to show on a picture though.

This shot just to keep the tradition of posting splashes. Sorry that it does not have the best quality, it gets lost when I upload pictures on blogger.

I still have some more pics to show to you.

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