Sunday, 18 March 2012

Fluorescent junk

What would you do if you look through a microscope into a Petri dish full of dead stuff and find a rotten, mutilated, and disgusting looking underdeveloped embryo of a water flea being consumed by fungi and ciliates? That's a weird question! Of course the best thing to do is to put some fluorescent dyes in that ugly mess to make it shine! In this post I collected a number of fluorescent pictures of random things which are very unlikely to catch your attention.

That's actually how it looked like with only one dye. The title picture shows what happened to that dead flea after applying the second dye.

That's a stack of a rotting leaf from a very dirty and smelly pond. I have no idea what those red things are, possibly fungi and algae.

Some of you might remember this guy below:

It's actually the oligochaeta that I showed multiple times. But I found this pic in the very old photo session, and decided to show it as well. To be honest, I loved more when it's green and blue. The point is, this worm looks really repulsive without fluorescence. Check it out in the end.

That's how this thing look like from side. I captured the moment when it was moving its setae.

And finally, the close up of the setae.

I am afraid that's one of the last fluorescent sessions that I am posting. I ran out of good pics in my collection and the microscopy times are behind... But I still have some non-fluorescent critters left.

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