Thursday, 14 July 2011

Aliens in the microscope

Alien (Water Flea)

  Sometimes it's so funny that we associate normal and common animals with aliens. I guess movie designers don't even have to invent creatures. It's more than enough to look around, especially through the microscope to see something very unusual.

  This time even backgrounds were creating a very atmospheric view.

Alien (Water Flea)

  Just a close up of this beast:

Alien (Water Flea)

  And finally, some not very new shots: another hydra. Unfortunately (or may be not) I am unable to reproduce previous dyeing results. Every time I see something different in terms of colors. The previous hydra was far more colorful and brighter. With this one I was lucky as I spotted how it was getting rid of food (2 water fleas), which on the picture looks like it's eating.

Swallowing Hydra

  Water fleas are very strong and fast. They look tiny and fragile for us but if we try to get into their shoes shells, you would realize that there's almost nothing that can kill them. Strong impacts with solid surfaces don't hurt when you are as tiny as a flea. Especially in water. The water flow always carries you away should anything try to smash you. They are resistant to poisons, toxins, and other chemicals too... like most of arthropods.

  The fleas that spent some time inside the hydra were semi-digested, but still alive. This can make you reconsider what suffering can be like. Agonizing for hours in someone's stomach while being digested - that's the price for the ability of being super-viable and virtually indestructible in the microworlds.

  And one of water fleas' worst enemies:


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